Why Lockwood?

As a General Engineering Contractor, Lockwood Builders provides a turnkey solution for your Seismic Retrofit, including design, build, financing and processing. Working as a team, our in-house engineers and contractors provide the best, most cost-effective solutions by smoothing lines of communication, removing confusion and improving the organization of the project as a whole. Our process includes examining the existing structure and finding the best solution, designing, processing it with the Department of Building and Safety, and obtaining all necessary permits. We then fabricate and install the designed system, obtain all necessary inspections, and remove the building from the City’s to comply list.


In addition to the traditional Design/Build services, Lockwood provides added value to your Seismic Retrofit by providing government sponsored financing and Tenant Habitability Program processing. Our government financing is provided through the PACE program, where qualifying property owners can finance their entire project with $0 down, and pay for the project through their property taxes. Additionally, our THP processing service allows property owners to increase rents on tenants living in rent controlled complexes by $38 per unit per month.


Case Study : Property management saves thousands on seismic retrofit