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Design and Build

Design Build

Design-Build provides an opportunity for early collaboration for the "designers" and the "builders" to optimize teamwork and strategy from inception to completion. Design/Build allows the Architect, General Contractor, Engineers, and even some key Sub-Contracts to act as a team from the very beginning of the project, minimizing risk and uncertainty. Advantages of using the design/build model include reduced construction time and cost. Construction time is decreased as construction can start concurrently while design is completed and common issues can be avoided as all parties are looped in from the very start.


Construction Management

Construction Management

Lockwood Group construction management services are tailored to assist building developers and owners in the preconstruction and construction processes. Whether we are preforming on our own engineered solutions or not, we ensure that projects are completed on time, on budget, in a safe working environment and with the highest level of quality. We work closely with any General or Sub Contractors to create transparency and accountability in the construction process.




  • Architectural contract review
  • Construction contract review
  • Project scheduling
  • Value engineering
  • Insurance/Risk Review

Project Closed Out

  • Contract closeout
  • Warranty verifications
  • Service calls


  • Bid to network of local and national subcontractors
  • Purchase products direct from manufacturer to eliminate markup
  • Contract review and accountability
  • Changes in work, cost analysis and work verification
  • Budget monitoring
  • Schedule monitoring
  • Site in visit and work in place verification
  • Quality assurance

Our Value

Our value engineering services is less about cutting costs and more about increasing value. While maintaining the original vision for the projects design in regards, we examine different manners in which we can support and enhance the design through adjusting materials or methods.



As General Engineering Contractors, Lockwood Builders provides wide-ranging engineering knowledge in the design and implementation of multifamily, commercial and industrial renovations, expansions, small room additions and new construction. Our network of engineers provides, cost effective and innovative techniques to provide quality designed structures, while keeping constructibility in mind.

Engineering Services


  • Boiler and steam systems
  • Compressed air systems
  • HVAC – Controlled space
  • Plumbing and hydronic systems
  • Fire protection
  • Energy recover
  • Power and lighting
  • Life safety and fire alarm
  • Backup generators
  • Power factor analysis
  • Plumbing


  • Site planning and selection
  • Final grading and storm water design
  • Municipal utility design


  • Footings, foundations, and retaining walls
  • Structural shell design
  • Structural steel, reinforced concrete and masonry
  • Slab on grade
  • Existing conditions analysis


  • Space programming, code review
  • Life safety, egress, fire separation, accessibility
  • Modeling and renderings
  • Material selection
  • Existing conditions analysis

Our Value

Our value engineering services is less about cutting costs and more about increasing value. While maintaining the original vision for the projects design in regards, we examine different manners in which we can support and enhance the design through adjusting materials or methods.

General Contracting

General Contracting

Lockwood Builders delivers most of our projects under either a Cost + Fee model or a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). From the early stages of the construction process we provide constructability and feasibility guidance to make sure that owners and developers are able to make informed decisions from the get-go; this includes offering various constructability methods and their budget ramifications before and during the construction process.

With over 25 years experience in the construction industry, Lockwood Builders has built a large network of the best local and national sub-contractors. We use our proprietary budgeting and estimating tools to provide accurate, conservative estimates for our clients.

Lockwood builders is proud to fully integrate technology into our construction process. From using Building Information Modeling (BIM), to using project management and material procurement software such as Procore and Buildgrid – we make sure that we cover all our basis including site logistics, proper delivery of materials, communications with subcontractors, etc.

Seismic Retrofit

What Retrofit?

November of 2015, the Los Angeles City council adopted ordinance No. 183893, creating mandatory standards for earthquake hazard reduction in wood frame buildings with soft, weak, or open-front walls and non-ductile concrete buildings built prior to 1978. This ordinance was put in place after a series of collapses of multifamily apartment complexes, beginning with the collapse of the Northridge meadows in 1994. If a permit for the construction of a new building was applied for before January 1978, the city concludes that the ground floor, or "tuck under" portion of the structure contains open floor space, such as parking, that causes soft, weak or open-front wall lines, therefore requiring a seismic retrofit.

Click here to access the City of Los Angeles Ordinance

When to Retrofit?

Compliance letters have been delivered starting October 2015 and will be sent through 2017, with about 15,000 properties affected in Los Angeles and more in surrounding jurisdictions. Property owners must comply with the ordinance within the following time limits of the date they received orders to retrofit:

  • Submit proof of previous retrofit or plans to retrofit – 2 years
  • Obtain permit to start construction or demolition – 3.5 years
  • Complete construction – 7 year
  • There are number of reasons why you should begin retrofitting your property today, including:
  • Protecting lives and assets
  • Decrease liability in the event of injury or death
  • Decreasing costs of insurance
  • Increasing engineering/construction with rise in demand
  • Available government sponsored financing programs for qualified owners
  • Increasing rent on rent controlled properties for qualified properties

Why Lockwood?

As a General Engineering Contractor, Lockwood Builders provides a turnkey solution for your Seismic Retrofit, including design, build, financing and processing. Working as a team, our in-house engineers and contractors provide the best, most cost-effective solutions by smoothing lines of communication, removing confusion and improving the organization of the project as a whole. Our process includes examining the existing structure and finding the best solution, designing, processing it with the Department of Building and Safety, and obtaining all necessary permits. We then fabricate and install the designed system, obtain all necessary inspections, and remove the building from the City's to comply list.


In addition to the traditional Design/Build services, Lockwood provides added value to your Seismic Retrofit by providing government sponsored financing and Tenant Habitability Program processing. Our government financing is provided through the PACE program, where qualifying property owners can finance their entire project with $0 down, and pay for the project through their property taxes. Additionally, our THP processing service allows property owners to increase rents on tenants living in rent controlled complexes by $38 per unit per month.


Case Study : Property management saves thousands on seismic retrofit



Lockwood Builders is committed to being a leading force in green building; our green practices are reflected in both our engineering and construction. Our management is comprised of LEED accredited professionals who oversee and ensure that our green buildings comply with USGBC guidelines.

We provide consultation services for clients and owners both in LEED and other evaluations of green feature costs, feasibility and environmental impact. Our green services are not limited to buildings under contract, but also include consulting services for owners and potential clients for both LEED and non-LEED evaluations of a green feature cost, feasibility and environmental impact.

Ask us how to help you decrease utility consumption at your property through a variety of demand reduction techniques including, but not limited to controls, Lighting, Solar PV, and Solar Thermal. If your facility is running more complex systems, ask us about how to optimize your operational efficiency through facility planning, process automation, and process design.

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